The Truman FIles

Session 2: Guns, Drugs, and Missing Sunni

Key began walking across the school parking lot. She had just returned from practicing her skateboard tricks in the graveyard.

That’s the moment when she saw the shattered window.

Session 1: The Letter
The Watcher House

The PC's are members of a school krav maga fight club hidden within the cover of the Shakespeare Club. The KM kids are notorious for stopping bullies, fixing issues, and generally doing things the faculty does not approve of. Thankfully, the club president, Madison Butler, is smart enough to stay out of the vice-principal's sphere of attention. 

One morning, the investigators are approached by China Doll and given a note that appeared on her doorstep during family dinner.
The letter went as follows:

Who are you, I ask? Are you the new owners of 571 Westfield Lane? What are your names? It doesn’t really matter. The Lincolns kindly sold the house when I asked them to, so you must be the new possessors. For now. The house will know. I asked the Lincolns to bring me young blood. I see that they have.
· What are the names of your children? I will eventually know, and call them to me. The woods call to us all. Your young blood will Lead the Way and Bring it Back and the House will return. Have the young bloods played in the basements yet? Have they found what is in the walls? Can they hear the whispers and the scratching of the Get in the ceilings and the floors?
· I will require work of you in the future. You do not own this house. The house owns you. Soon you will know and give me what I will. I am the third Caretaker of this house, the third Watcher, the Third Sentinel. My grandfather was the first. My mother was the second. And now there is only me. Do not ignore my Will. My Will shall be done. –The Screamer

It's disturbing and full of veiled threats and imagery. She doesn't know what to do about it, and her father is pretending everything is okay, despite sending her mother and siblings to a relative's house for a few days. Madison is all over it, and demands to go to the house and investigate. 

* Madison’s Journal*

Today started out like any normal (ha, ha, my life is never normal) day, I was just sitting underneath my favorite tree (it provides shade and keeps me away from other people.) and sketching in my notebook. It was this vest/shorts combo that would look amazing if I actually put it on a person. Anyway,China Doll came up to me with the creepy note capitalized in weird places.

Baron Sam Eddy thought it smelled like Honeysuckle. It did, in fact, but that was just China’s perfume, and nothing to do with any hoodoo, sadly. However, he was still quite fond of the smell.

I asked Sunni what she knew, if anything. She didn’t. I told her about the meeting after school today, and sat down in my desk for the first class of the day.

This class just so happened to be English, and I was mentally preparing to pretty much completely zone out during the lesson.

That’s when Grody 49 (Brody Herrara) walked in. Him and his little posse were all shooting me strange looks, and I for a second I was worried that they had figured out it was me who set their pot on fire. Luckily, they just seemed to be… staring at me. I knew that if they had discovered that I was the one who had burned their drugs, I probably would be getting harshly whispered threats.

After class, I questioned Sunni about Grody’s peculiar behavior. She didn’t seem to know about any of it, and was more focused on her rival cheerleaders. I went to lunch to meet the Shakespeare club, and didn’t dwell on it much.

The Gentle Giant was missing from the lunch room, and nobody seemed to know where he was. I went to go find him, but he was nowhere to be seen.

After fourth period, we went over to China Doll‘s house, much to her father’s chagrin. He didn’t want anyone coming near it. We got the original copy of the letter, since the letter she gave me turned out to be a copy. I took the the letter (she was low-key freaking out), and I must’ve read that thing at least a dozen times. There was something strange- basements. The letter mentioned basements so many times, and yet China Doll insisted she didn’t have one

Besides, there’s no basements in Louisiana.

We headed back outside, and made conversation about everything that had just happened. Obviously we had a lot to talk about.

Two members were still missing, The Gentle Giant and Sunni.

I texted Sunni, and she said she was on her way.

I texted The Gentle Giant, and he sent me a picture of him making a interesting face. That’s when I assumed he was fine.

A few minutes later, Sunni’s car came pulling into the driveway. She rolled down her window, and I stuck my head through it.

“Where have you been?”

She sighed, “I’ve been doing… things.”

That’s when I spotted a girl with an ‘OBEY.’ hat on. (Kelsie Fitzsimmons)

“Who’s this chick?”

“She saved me from a black groundskeeper.” The girl answered.

“Alright then.”

I opened my mouth to speak again, but a voice cut me off
“Come ’ere!” A hand wrapped around Obey’s shoulders. Sunni and her screamed.

It was The Gentle Giant.

They all got out of the car, and headed back to where we all were. I spotted something on the wall I hadn’t before.
‘More Young Bloods’ was scrawled across the wall that looked like a mixture between maroon & brown.
I had the instinct to sniff it, and….
It was poop.

Because of course it was.

I snapped a picture of it, and without hesitation, we all piled back into Tigerlily’s truck to head to the museum.

Sunni’s father was there, and we handed him the letter. He said that the letter was, in fact,
written quite a while ago. The paper was old, as was the writing itself.

We flipped through some books, and discovered that when the house was built, it was just scandal after scandal.

I needed some more research. So, with that, we all decided to sleep over.

Let it begin.

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